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Our mission is to use music as a method of supporting nature, education, business development. Below is how we execute this:

#1)    $1 per subscriber at the end of each month goes to supporting the rejuvenation of nature, supporting business development that's sustainable, and investing in educating the youth.

#2)    20% of the revenue generated from the digital song sales via this website go toward supporting the causes we mentioned above.

#3)    Firms and music artist can leverage our platform to expand their brand and reach a possibly new audience; for example, engage in our podcast "Project Recap With Zach."

#4)    25% of the revenue generated from our free beat opportunity goes toward the causes we mentioned above (only during the pre-save campaign) 


#1)    Reforestation is the growing and nurturing trees so they remain healthy and keep providing nature's benefits. Outside of maintaining the habitat of species around the globe, a primary benefit of forests is that they absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere, which helps mitigate and adapt to global warming. Click here to learn more from the Arbor Day Foundation.   

#2)    Small firms are the driving force behind the economies of countries worldwide. For example, the American economy indicated that 33.3 million firms qualified as small businesses, making up over 90% of the U.S. businesses. This exposes the ripple effect this will have on the economy if most fail. Click here to learn more from Forbes

#3)    Education is a powerful force that reduces poverty, improves health, and helps individuals adapt to climate change. Education is necessary for many to be disadvantaged when stepping into their career paths, and the COVID-19 pandemic made this a reality for many. For example, international reading scores declined by over a year of schooling from 2016 to 2021. Click here to learn more from The World Bank.

#4)    As a music industry professional, I, Zach Hall, have found that technology can revolutionize how you manage and monetize your music venture. This industry shift means that any songwriter and producer can take control of their music operations, shaping the lifestyle they dream of. The only hurdle they face is the need for knowledge on leveraging technology to their advantage. This is where our courses, tools, and e-books for DIY artists step in, providing a supportive and guided path to empower them to take charge of their journey towards a more stable lifestyle, with music and technology as their allies.

#5)    With the market being highly saturated with content and music we produced the uploaded every second, the difficulty of finding a suitable space for exposure and profit diluted due to oversaturation. With this in mind, we vow to be a beacon of opportunity for music artists and small businesses (not excluding entrepreneurs) to aid the struggles trumping this obstacle to success. How this looks is by participating in our podcast "Project Recap With Zach," where we encourage people to submit their music for a possible shoutout by commenting. We encourage small business owners to do the same by mentioning their value proposition under each episode. We can never guarantee how the market will react to your engagement. However, we promise that when our podcast drops, you have a new opportunity for exposure and profit, and the potential for significant growth. 

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